From crunchy deep fried hake and calamari, delicious paella and seafood pasta to spicy chicken stir fry and mouth watering prawn curry and not forgetting our thin crust home made pizzas, we’ve got a range of tasty, nutritious and freshly made Take Away dishes that will be perfect for you.
SANDWICHES C h o o s e f r e s h o r t o a s t e d r y e , h e a l t h b r e a d , p a n i n i , s e s a m e o r seeded roll. Cheese, tomato and le ttuce 45 H a m a n d c h e e s e 5 0 C h i c k e n a n d m a y o n n a i s e 5 5 Bacon, lettuce and tomato 55 Ham, cheese and tomato 55
Chicken and Mayonnaise 55 Ham, cheese and tomato 55 Peanut butter, fried banana, streaky bacon & syrup 60 Bacon, avocado, peppadew & mozzarella
75 Sun-dried tomato, cream cheese, basil p esto and avo 75
Freshly baked t r amezzini toasted
Extra chips t o your Tra m ezzi n i 15
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